Dedicated Desk

A reserved desk in an open workstation. Storage included so you can lock your belongings without a worry.

$297 +Tx /mo

Hot Desk

You have a KIN membership, but hang out on your own terms. Limited hours where you can float around wherever you like.

$197 +Tx /mo

Pit Stop

You get a P.O. box, invites to events and access to our network. No desk or guaranteed boardroom time.

$48 +Tx /mo

Conference Rooms

KIN’s boardrooms can be rented on an hourly basis, pending availability. Prices vary depending on size, with small, medium and large options.

$24 - $84 +Tx /hr

We also host private events. Contact us for pricing and reservation information.

Dedicated Desk memberships include:

  • Furniture — think: desks, chairs and decorative cacti
  • Unlimited, endless, infinite coffee
  • 10 hours of boardroom access per month
  • High-speed, high-quality, high-octane wifi
  • Parties a.k.a. exclusive access to and use of the events space
  • Up to 150 printed and copied pages per month (scan your heart out!)
  • Amenities like snacks and hangout couches

Culture. Language. Innovation.

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