Frequently asked questions

What is KIN?

KIN is a membership-based working space located in Montreal, Quebec. We are geared towards creatives and creators, whether they be freelancers, entrepreneurs, small businesses or just someone with a really great idea. KIN is also an events space open to members and the public.

What is included in a KIN membership?

Membership is billed on a monthly basis. To learn more, visit our plans page.

Is membership month-to-month?

Yes, billing is monthly and there is no long-term commitment.

When will I be billed?

During your time at KIN, your membership fee and other outstanding fees will be processed on the eighth (8th) day of each month.

Can I end my KIN membership whenever I want?

You can cancel your membership by giving us at least a thirty (30) day notice from the first (1st) of the month. For example, if you give us a termination notice on December 15th, your membership will end on January 31st. On your last day, you will need to leave the space by 4PM. In the case that you decide decide to cancel your membership before the Start Date, you may be entitled to a refund of the security deposit. If you give us over twenty-one (21) days notice, we will refund fifty percent (50%) of the security deposit. If you give us twenty-one (21) days or less notice, we will refund twenty-five percent (25%) of the security deposit.

How many desks are at KIN?

There are 30 desks in the working space.

Are there any private offices?

No, everything is open. We encourage our community to communicate.

Is there a community manager on-site?

There is a community manager at KIN from 7-7, Monday to Friday, to assist with any space-related issues, accept packages and just chat about your latest and greatest idea.

What are the hours at KIN?

There is a community manager at KIN from 7-7, Monday to Friday. Full-time members (Sibling plan) will have access to the space 24/7/365.

Is there a kitchen space to make my lunch?

Yes, we have fridges, microwaves, snacks and an espresso machine with a limitless supply of coffee beans. Limitless.

Are there boardrooms and rooms to make calls?

There are six boardrooms, four large ones and two smaller ones. These can be scheduled via your membership page. There are also five private phone booths where you can make calls or grab some quiet time. They are first come, first serve.

Can the public book boardrooms?

Yes they are available at $85/hr large & $35/hr small.

What happens if I go over my monthly boardroom time or printing pages allowance?

Because bookings boardrooms and printing pages is coordinated via your membership page, your additional usages will be logged there and added to your next month’s invoice. Additional boardroom time for members is $68/hr large & $28/hr small. Additional print fees come in at $0.10/page (B&W) and $0.50/page (colour).

Do you take bookings for private events?

Yes! Anything from cocktail parties, networking events, to staff parties. Contact a community manager directly to inquire.

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